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Waltham High School (Waltham)

From the North:

bulletTake I-95/128 to the TRAPELO ROAD exit and go LEFT off the ramp, back across the highway (good luck).
bulletAbout 1.5 miles, you will come to a large intersection (Fleet Bank and Mobil station on your left, auto repair place on right) where the road becomes 3 lanes. Get into the right-most lane and take a RIGHT onto Lexington Street.
bulletTake a LEFT at the 4th set of lights (the first set is at the middle of the Shopping Plaza, the second is at Lake St and the Bowling Alley, the third set is an outbound road from your left, and the fourth set is the High School entrance).
bulletContinue with direction titled "At the High School" below

From the South:

bulletTake I-95/128 to the TOTTEN POND ROAD exit and turn RIGHT. There is a set of traffic lights immediately as you turn right; go straight across the intersection (so that the Shell gas station is on your left and the Westin hotel is on your right).
bulletContinue down the hill (stay in the right lane because the left lane becomes a left turn only lane at the next light), past the Skating Rink, until you hit the major intersection (road opens to 3 lanes).
bulletGet into the left-most lane (the 2 right-hand lanes go right, only the left lane goes left) and take a LEFT onto Lexington Street.
bulletAt the next light, turn RIGHT into the High School.

At the High School:

bulletFollow the road (the first school is the junior high school) up the hill. If you just stay with it, you will eventually bear around to the left and pass by the walkway into the athletic fields. Park anywhere you can (across the street by the building is the best place).
bulletWhen you walk down the hill, the first field is #1 and the second (far) field is #2.