We will start accepting registrations for our Summer League in February and for the Fall League in August.


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Summer 2017 (late April thru August)

Fall 2017 (late August thru October)

BWCS Definition of "Above Average Player" (AAP)

BWCS defines an Above Average Player (AAP) as an individual who has any TWO (2) of the following levels of experience:

  • Little League
  • High School
  • College or College Intramural
  • Four (4) or more years playing Men's or Women's baseball/softball

There is absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages at any fields during BWCS games.  Any teams found drinking alcohol during games will automatically forfeit the game for a first time offense.  If a team is found to be drinking alcohol a second time, they will be expelled from the league.  No exceptions!

Team Experience

If your team consists of 

  • Two (2) or fewer AAPs, your team should play in our D League
  • Three to four (34) AAPs, your team should play in our C League
  • Five to seven (57) AAPs, your team should play in our B League
  • Eight (8) or more AAPs, your team should play in our A League

Team Level

Based on your Team's Experience (as defined above), what level is your team?

A-League B-League C-League D-League

Play Day & Time Preference

Please provide us with your first, second, and third choices of DAYS, TIMES, CITIES, and PREFERRED START WEEK to play. You may want to poll your potential teammates for this information. At BWCS we try to create game schedules that will accommodate your choices as often as possible. If you leave choices blank, we will assume you have no preference.

If you already know of specific dates on which it will be difficult for you to field a team, please note them in the Comments box below. For example, "We can play all Mondays, except June XX." At BWCS we do our best to accommodate your exceptions when we develop the season's schedule. Please keep in mind your team is expected to play at least once per week to keep the season on track, so requests for entire weeks off might not be accommodated.

DAY Preference
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     *Third Choice
TIME Preference (WEEKDAYS)
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     *Second Choice
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TIME Preference (SUNDAYS)
In the League, there will be some Sunday games. Please make your selections. If you leave choices blank, we will assume you have no Sunday time preference.
     *First Choice 
     *Second Choice
     *Third Choice
Town/City Preference (click here for list of fields and the towns in which they're located. You must choose three DIFFERENT TOWNS/CITIES (not fields) as your "home" locales.)
     *First Choice CITY
     *Second Choice CITY
     *Third Choice CITY
Preferred START WEEK

Importance of Time or Location

Sometimes fields are unavailable on certain days/times due to town activities or other restrictions. For example, especially at the beginning of the summer season, some fields are not available until mid-June or we cannot have early games at certain fields due to Little League. Another example is that at most fields with lights, the lights don't come on until AFTER Memorial Day, which means we cannot have late games at those fields until after Memorial Day. 

Therefore, when we cannot accommodate both your preferred choices of times and fields, we need to know which is more important to you for us to accommodate: Location or Time? 

Location (town) is more important. We can be flexible about time. 
Time is more important. We can be flexible about location.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you or your team?


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